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luck. >>> and now with more on the continuing follies of virginia governor bob mcdonnell who is sponsoring an essay contest. ladies and gentlemen, here is rachel maddow. >> thank you very much for that. and thanks to you at home for staying us this hour. elizabeth warren is here for the interview tonight. we're very much looking forward to that. >>> we begin with the eroding ground. he is bob mcdonnell, the famously and recently elected governor of virginia. republicans thought enough of his national prospects and thought enough of his image as a revitalizing force for their party that they invited governor mcdonnell to address the nation in response to president obama's state of the union address in february. mr. mcdonnell gave that speech 11 whole days after he was inaugurated. when the republican party decided to declare itself back and better than ever in a slickly produced self-c self-congratulatory web ad, bob mcdonnell was chosen to deliver the first sound bite in that ad. >> here in virginia, we live in the birthplace of american freedom and democracy. and this year,
, out of west virginia. this is where a memorial service will be taking place this hour for the 29 people killed in this month's coal mine explosion. the worst u.s. mine disaster in 40 years. president barack obama is delivering the eulogy. he will be momentarily. we will be joining that jeweulo as it happens roughly about 30 minutes from now and bring that to you live. obviously, the president will also be meeting with family members of those miners who were killed in that explosion. >>> the other major story we're following for you, this hour tornado devastation in the south. mississippi's governor calls it utter obliteration in some places including his hometown. alabama was also hit hard and fast. >> talked to my dad on the phone. he said, son, they say it's coming right downtown. just as he said that, it lightened off in the distance and i could see the wall cloud and see the funnel cloud drop down. i said, dad, it's not -- it is coming through downtown. >> here's what's happening right now as a result of that severe weather. rescue crews are out in force across mississippi af
to talk with bill nye, the science guy. >>> american's rights to carry their guns. in virginia, they're showing up in a national park, packing heat, legally. as a result of president obama signing a law to allow visitors to carry weapons in national parks. in washington, d.c., they're showing up without guns. they can't carry firearms in the city limits, but they want to change that. >> reporter: we have a protest where people are allowed to carry guns. here in the district where they have stricter gun laws, they can't. as for a noontime rally, it's a pretty good sized gathering. several hundred people. many from around the country coming here to send a message that they're not going to allow their rights to be taken away and that they're going to exercise their rights to free speech. across the river in virginia, people are carrying firearms, but are being very safe about it. they are going through inspections and have to put little plastic tags on their firearms to show whether they're loaded. they're carrying arm bands to show they've taken safety lessons. these advocates say they
.c. this is washington county, frederick county and maryland. also jefferson and burkely counties and west virginia. there you can see the purple box here. you see a nice little hook echo or indentation. this is a doppler radar-indicated tornado. but you need to take this seriously and seek shelter. there is a severe thunderstorm watch. sometimes even though it's a thunderstorm watch and not a tornado watch, sometimes tornado do occur. now, it is a tornado watch across parts of florida. at this hour we saw one line move through earlier today that produced a little tree damage and some hail in gainesville. that second is coming off the gulf of mexico. we could possibly see this sneak a little further to the south. watch out in the tampa area. you will likely see winds in excess of 60 miles with this storm and possible tornadoes. if we get any warnings, we will bring it along to you. the greatest threat of severe weather stretch as cross the eastern seaboard from pennsylvania stretching down into parts of florida. this is a slight risk day. we are not expecting near the number of or severity that we
our affiliates in richmond, virginia, and tampa, florida. >> florida's coastline gets an unexpected ally in barack obama. >> this announcement came as a shock especially to environmentalists. the president today announced his support for exploring and drilling for oil much closer to florida beaches. >> so today we're announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration. but in ways that balance the need to harness domestic energy resources and the need to protect america's natural resources. >> this map shows you where drilling is currently allowed. this sort of beige area there. the red sections represent the new areas the president wants to open up. as you can see, much closer to florida's east coast and west coast. if congress agrees, oil derricks could go up just about 125 miles off the beaches, down from the current limit of 234 miles. an anti-drilling protest had already been scheduled in st. petersburg. it was sheer coincidence that the president made this announcement today. the message from our gulf coast communities is pretty clear. any risk of an oil spill is unac
. for example, virginia's new asounding attorney general, released a statement saying that the lawsuit he was bringing to overturn health care was only expected to cost virginia taxpayers a total of $350. this is amazing. listen to this. quote, attorney general kenneth t.cuccinelli released the cost of the lawsuit his office launched against the federal file health care reform act. the court filing fee for the case was $350 there has been no cost above this amount as the litigation is being handled entirely by the attorney general's staff. wait a minute. the attorney general and his staff work for free? they're doing this one pro bono with their own office supplies, sitting in their cars at the parking lot, not while they're at work, having their salaries and expenses paid for by the good taxpayers of the state of virginia? amazing. absolutely amazing. even more amazing, though, is what's happening in the great state of georgia. georgia's republican governor sonny purdue wanted very badly to get in on the frivolous action, but his attorney general, thurbert baker refused, telling the gove
us over. i'm virginia cha, hln news and views. let's get to our top story now. rescuers are fanning out across mississippi looking through shattered homes for survivors. at least one tornado ripped through the state. ten people are dead and three of them are children. yazoo county and the central part of the state took the hardest hit to. the east choctaw county also got smashed. meteorologists don't know if the same tornado cut one long arc of destruction or if it was multiple twisters causing this damage a. survivors are just saying they're happy to be alive. >> it was unbelievable. when the wind was exploded it was like anything i never experienced. it was amazing. it scared us plum to death. i'm very fortunate. i have four beautiful children. i couldn't imagine being without them. as tragic as it is, we lost family members and our hearts go out to them. we're lucky to be here. you don't realize how lucky you do have it until something like this happens. >> tornadoes were reported in four states from arkansas east to alabama. >>> the environmental fallout from the massive oil rig
the biggest threat around florida. we could see large hail around pittsburgh, west virginia, areas of virginia itself when the cold front sweeps on through. now, as far as right now, tallahassee was hit pretty hard with some gusty winds and heavy rain and lightning this morning. now that is beginning to head out, valdosta has some pretty bad storms and further to the north up around is a vsavannah. this was a well predicted storm, we thought we'd have these large, destructive tornadoes. won't be the case today. but unfortunately sometimes the forecast did come true. >> unfortunately you had it pinpointed for yesterday. thank you very much, bill karins. >>> more live reports on the tornados that hit the southeast coming up later this hour. for the latest forecast and the weather where you are, you can head to weather.com. >>> coast guard officials in louisiana now say oil is leaking into the gulfs as a result of the massive rig that exploded last week. the well head on the ocean floor is releasing as much as 100,000 barrels of oil a day into the water. british petroleum is investigating how to
of the stories we're working on for you today. thank you so much for having us over. i'm virginia cha. this is hln news and views. let's get to our top story now. rescuers are fanning out across mississippi, looking through shattered homes for survivors as well as victims of the deadly weekend storms. at least one tornado ripped through that state. ten people are dead, and three of them are children. yaz hsu county in the west central part of the state took the hardest hit. to the east, choctaw county also got smashed. meteorologists don't know if the same tornado cut one long arc of destruction, or if it was multiple twisters causing this damage. survivors say they are just happy to be alive. >> it was unbelievable. it just a -- when the windows exploded, it was like anything i've never experienced. it was just amazing. it scares the daylights. i'm very fortunate. i've got four beautiful children, and i couldn't imagine being without them. as tragic as everything is, we've lost kin folks and family in this incident today. we've lost family members, and our heart goss out to them, bec
in. there is a possibility that the volcano in iceland could spew more ash. >>> west virginia is considering regulations in response to the worst coal mining disaster in 40 years. they say changes are needed to prevent another accident again. some of the proposals require barometerrer thes at all coal mine and more methods for methane protection. >>> we say good morning to howard bernstein. >> we need the rain. it has been dry. in some places already knocking inside the home. some showers to the west and southwest. some of the stuff in martinsburg area. these are light to moderate showers. this area of moisture coming from the southwest to the northeast. it is coming up the shenandoah valley there heavier to charlottesville on i-64 and coming in west of fredericksburg, as well. this will increase throughout the morning. temperatures are milder than yesterday. 40s to low 50s. we sit at 54. but we will not see a lot of movement thanks to the showers and the cloud cover. grab the rain gear. highs 60 to 61. angie is off this morning but kris sneed is in the traffic center. >>> we
of the district, and towards the northern neck of virginia. this is light rain, and so you folks seeing a little drizzle out there and that will move off to the east in the next couple hours, so you will see improvement throughout the mid morning hours. and then hagerstown, 54. and still low 60s at national airport and pointing southward. we will hold the temperatures in the low to mid-60s for the highs today. skies will be partly sunny, and the clouds will hang around for a while. the breeze will be up to 20 miles per hour, and similar conditions expected for tomorrow. aaron? >> thank you, justin. >>> more local news here in 25 minutes. back to new york. >>> and we're back on this saturday morning, the 17th day of april, 2010. it's been a wet, cool morning here in new york city, but we think everyone who has come out on to the plaza in spite of some of the weather, back inside studio 1a, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. and coming up on "today" the natural infidelity. >> is it cheating to lie about the way you spend your money? well, to your spouse. experts say keeping secrets about money
review of the explosion that killed 29 west virginia miners last week makes it clear there are safety problems throughout the coal industry. the president is ordering federal regulators to work closely with state officials to prevent another tragedy underground. >> this isn't just about a single mine. it's about all of our mines. the safety record at the massey upper big branch mine was trouble. and it's clear that while there are many responsible companies, far too many -- far too many mines aren't doing enough to protect their workers' safety. >> now, at the moment, the president is on his way to kennedy space center. he might not get a real warm welcome there. he'll brief nasa workers on his policy on space flight, which includes to much dismay of some people, his decision to cancel a return to the moon. the plan does include building a new space capsule for use at the international space station, and developing a new generation of rockets for future trips to mars. >> i know you're looking at this going, what is wrong with people? well, web fans think this guy is top dog. what does
this will roll east and our governor is having conversations about how to do something like this in virginia. >> the law that takes full effect in aug would mean that people could be asked, regardless of what they are doing, their status or to show papers they are legally in the united states. have i got the bullet points right? >> that's the basic -- and the responsibility of the police to enforce that and it leaves subjective things in the hands of the police. how do you decide who looks like an undocumented immigrant and who doesn't. doesn't. >> and that is based on how someone looks. >> it is the discretion of the officer. >> and you talked about it rolling east and we are in arizona. it seems far away, but if you are watching these events, it might be closer than you think. tell us the fear of this happening here. is that real? >> we can look at three places where pieces of this have happened here in northern virginia. culpeper, prince george's and lindon. there has been an anti- immigrant hysteria and its had a devastating effect in terms of being welcoming to immigrants and had econom
into the upper big branch mine of west virginia to recover the bodies of those miners still under ground. federal officials are also arriving today, trying to determine what caused the explosion. this afternoon at 3:30 eastern, joe manchin will call for a moment of silence to remember the 29 men killed in that disaster. >>> there will be no new trial for michael skak l. about a half hour ago, that request was denied. he was deny to 20 years behind prison. he had asked for a new trial after his two friends were implicated in that hearing. >>> outrage is growing over a tennessee mother's decision to back out of an adoption by putting her 7-year-old son on a plane to moscow with a box of crayons and a note reading, i no longer want to parent this child. it could threaten the plans of hundreds of american families who were hoping to welcome russian orphans into their families. ron allen has the story from shelbyville, tennessee. you're there in front of the family home. i assume they haven't come out. >> reporter: they've actually disappeared. no one's seen them for several days and this is a small t
there. another pocket of rain ahead of that upper level low around areas like virginia in towards north carolina, too. the radar picture, most of the action off in the atlantic ocean. later today daytime heating. if you see any it will make things unstable so storms coming back into play. raleigh, rain showers around the state line with north carolina into virginia, and the rain itself near the beltway so we'll get some delays in the air when you get around d.c. because of the light pocket of rain moving through, also the poor visibility is definitely going to be out there, something we're watching. up to the north farther, things are okay, nice and sunny around boston. rain heads in later today, and it will be around new york so you get some delays out of that. weak impulse moving through the plains now. it is enough to generate light rain around eastern parts of nebraska and iowa, too. not a big deal. traveling by plane today world's busiest airport, check out atlanta, midtown covered up. the rain went through yesterday, the fog is up there. you'll see travel delays in atlanta for the
in virginia were handling packages recently when one of the boxes started moving. well, inside they found that little guy. a live ferret apparently being mailed to puerto rico. >> that's not right. >> totally not right! unable to find the observer or the intended recipient, stamp, as they call him now, has a new home in virginia. >> tried to mail a live animal? >> i know. don't even -- can't even imagine. he's good, he's got a home. he's happy and being fed and has lots of friends. >> happy that that turned out okay. how about a check of the weather? >>> all right. as we've been talking about, we've got this risk of strong storms. low pressure area back through the rockies, a trailing cold front. we have a triple point where the occluded front, a cold front and a warm front come together. on into arkansas. it continues tonight where there is a very strong risk of strong storms and tornadoes in parts of louisiana and mississippi and continues on into tomorrow where we've got a pretty wide area for most of mississippi, alabama, on into tennessee and parts of west virginia. we are looking at
miners killed in west virginia. he will deliver. eulogy at the public service on sunday. vice president joe biden will also be there. the april blast at the upper big branch mine killed 29 miners. president obama has ordered a review of mine safety records and is calling for stronger mining laws. >>> a series of unfortunate events is now police are describing the situation that led to the death of a 7-month- old baby in california. two parents left their daughter in the car after getting home saturday night. police say both adults thought another one took the infant n they went to bed. around 3:00 a.m., they slept until noon the income day. the next more than, the father left for the gym not realizing his infant was dead in the back of the car. >> both parents had seen the door to the child's room closed and had assumed the other parent put her in the crib. apparently she was a light sleeper so it wasn't their practice to go into the room so she wouldn't wake her up. >>> the u.s. department of education is repealing a policy carried over from the bush administration. it allowed schools
that democrats chances of winning the states they won last time, surprise states, north carolina, virginia, how did they do in florida eventually? three states. they have a southern strategy. i was talking to dan rather this weekend. he thinks there's a southern strategy afoot in the republican party. they're going to begin their campaign for 2012 by locking up the solid south again on the right. >> first thing declare confederate heritage month. >> don't mention slavery when do you it. >> all part of this is effort to just solidify the south as your beginning block to bring down obama. take away florida. take away north carolina. take away virginia. move north. >> uh-huh. >> that's been the republican strategy for a generation. it began with this group, by the way, that first met in 1969. the southern republican leadership conference. that's really where it began with a guy named clark read, a mississippian who is still there and very enthusiastic, by the way, about the republicans' chances this year. >> he's still there? >> very much so. >> a young party. they seem to be the heart of the repu
you thought the uproar was over for virginia governor bob mcdonnell's confederate history month proclamation, in steps mississippi governor barber, also a republican, just tossing a little more fuel on the fire. barber told cnn mcdonnell's omission of any mention of slavery in the proclamation, quote, doesn't amount to diddly. basha tabboul he says people already know slavery was a bad thing. why would you waste time putting it in a proclamation? >>> finally good news to report about the airline industry. once in a while it happens. last year planes were more likely to land on time. bags were less likely to get lost. passengers reported fewer complaints in 2009. even as cash-strapped airlines reduced flight schedules and charged extra for almost everything. bags, pillows, peanuts. according to the annual national airline quality rating, hawaiian airlines did the best job for travelers last year, closely followed by low cost carrier airtran. jet blue, northwest, and southwest rounded out the top five. (announcer) we're in the energy business. but we're also in the showing-kids- n
. >>> thanks to that cloud of volcanic ash, four young children in virginia can't be with mom and dad. they're stuck in europe and they simply cannot get home. the parents, that is. thank goodness for grandma and for skype. their emotional story is coming up a little bit later. >>> plus, a big meeting this week for president obama. he and senate leaders from both parties talk about a replacement for justice john paul stevens. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time. time for new zyrtec® liquid gels. they work fast. so i can get relief from the pollen that used to make me sneeze. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®, now in a liquid gel. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. so i'm ready by the first hole. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i can love the air®. [ male announcer ] this week only, save up to $12 on zyrtec® products at zyrtectv.com and in sunday's paper. >>> all right. an obama administration official tells cnn the united states is updating military plans for potential strikes on iran's nu
in west virginia, the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. in 40 years, a hearing will be held. >>> this morning president obama meets with members with a group of ways to look to reduce the federal deficit. he hopes to forge a bipartisan consensus on ways to improve america's fiscal health. >>> a federal appeals court has ruled a class action lawsuit against walmart can go forward. the lawsuit covers more than 1 million employees and accuses the company of discriminating in the way it pays female workers. >>> overseas markets are mostly lower this morning. cnbc's trish regan is at the new york stock exchange. what's the focus today? >> well, comes right back to goldman sachs. every eye on the street is going to be on this investment bank today watching these hearings. it is not just goldman that's in focus here but the entire financial sector. we'll have to watch those stocks very carefully. the concern right here on wall street is if we do start to see significant financial reform -- and there is political pressure mounting to that -- no doubt, what will that mean for bank ea
begins at 6:00 eastern time with butler taking on michigan state followed by west virginia versus duke. two of those teams will play for the championship on monday night. >>> when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and holding court. president obama talks health care and hoops with our own harry smith. ♪ ladies, raise your spoons. now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k® low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola... and 5 grams of fiber per serving, it's a satisfying way to help you manage your weight. special k® low-fat granola -- a taste of freedom. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. [ slap! ] -[ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] -ow, ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums >>> here's a look at today's w
. the outer loop in virginia is the worst on the beltway. there is a truck with a flat tire at telegraph road and the delays are extensive, at least a 40 minute ride. we will see if we compete for one of the cameras. it is clearing out at washington boulevard. it is difficult to see the traffic signal ahead for it in maryland, there is a clear camera at the american legion bridge. >>> let me put this into motion downtown across the city and you can't see much in the beginning from but you can see the washington monument and temperatures are in the low 50's right now. the fog advisory has been dropped. it still remains in effect until 9:00. we will have a late date isolated storms as a possibility. 72 degrees this afternoon. >>> tight budget could have a major impact on roads. transportation leaders said several projects may be canceled or delayed. that include the widening of rte. 7 in virginia and turning lanes on route 1. upgrades to columbia pike may be scrapped as well. we will be back with another update at 8:25. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, newschannel8 >>
,000 people who traveled to virginia for his memorial service last night. later, more accounts from his students and how much he was loved by that school. >> it's just so sad what's happened to him. hopefully they'll get to the bottom of this. thank you. >> sure. >>> facebook, oh, it's changed the way people communicate nowadays hasn't it? now it wants to change your entire internet experience. big changes go into effect today and jennifer westhoven is looking out for you. what are they doing now? >> it's going to roll out it sounds like over a few months so you might not see it immediately today but basically what they're doing is taking your facebook experience and moving it outside the actual facebook website so you'll see it on other websites, like the "new york times," espn, our sister network, cnn, so if you use facebook, it's going to track the websites that you visit, and new stories that you read. so that you would see what your friends are reading, and guess what? they will see what you are reading, too, if you're on some of those sites out there. >>> taking a look at family f
and there is a risk, however, of more severe weather there today. >>> and when a virginia woman made a $425 deposit to her bank account this week she was shocked to learn that the bank teller entered her 10-digit account number as the amount she was depositing. the bank has since fixed the $40 million mistake. just for a few moments she was a millionaire. 7:11. back to matt, meredith and al. >> ann, thank you very much. >>> mr. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. >>> if airline passengers like it or not, we've grown accustomed to it but passengers now pay $3 to $9 for a mid-flight treat. $15 on air tran for a checked bag. $25 for a second checked bag on alaska air. if you want to snuggle up with a pillow on american, that will cost $8. but when spirit airlines announced its plan to charge up to $45 for carry-on bags, a lot of travelers were outraged and are now saying enough is enough. ben baldanza is spirit's president and ceo, he joins us exclusively with new york senator chuck schumer who is leading the charge against the fee. gentlemen, good morning to both of you.
for you today. thanks for having us over, this is hln "news and views" and i'm virginia cha. >>> you won't be seeing much sun today in fact you may end up seeing something like this. parts of the region are under severe storm warnings and that includes the possibility of tornadoes. this isn't the only dangerous weather out there. colorado was hit with a crazy mix of rain, snow and tornadoes. some campers had to be rescued from two feet of snow and crews are cleaning up a rock slide that closed part of the highway west of denver. rescuers have suspended their search for 11 oil rig workers missing in the gulf of mexico. now the coast guard says it is unreasonable at this point to expect that any of them survived. the search covered 5,200 square miles over three days. even though the search is suspended, the case is not closed. >> we have not 100% certainty accounted for all the lifeboats and we don't know what was launched from the rig and what might still be with the rig and that's going to be something that we'll continue to do as part of the casualty investigation and we can also reresu
the end of the month. well, for example, one couple from virginia was in europe. what was supposed to be just a few days, but now that's turned into two weeks. >> our flight tomorrow was canceled. >> oh. >> so because the stuff in the air is just too dangerous. >> i am just dying to see you guys. this is the hardest thing mommy's ever done. you guys are the bravest kids in the world. i love you so much. >> love you, too. >> you're just so loved and being taken care of there. >> aw, see those little faces looking at their mom and dad on skype. well, the weather is constantly changing the amount of ash that's concentrated over europe's flight paths. let's go to meteorologist bonnie schneider in for bob this morning for a little more on that angle of the story. what do you think? >> robin, i think that it looks better today than it did saturday and sunday. here's why. looking at our flight explorer across much of europe, what you're seeing are these blue xs. that's where we have transponders not picking up any activity. where you see the yellow planes, that's where we are seeing activ
branch mine in west virginia. president obama tells his labor secretary to strengthen mine safety laws. we've heard this before. we're going to get more specific answers when secretary -- labor secretary hilda soliz joins us live. >>> and later, al qaeda in iraq is undergoing a major resurgence. what is the terrorist organization doing now, and what will it mean for our troops still in that country? sure watching msnbc. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. preparing for retirement can be complex. and with 7,000 boomers a day reaching retirement age, the need for help has never been greater. a merrill lynch financial advisor can help you plan, invest, and manage your assets, which could make your second act better than your first. merrill lynch wealth management. >>> a travel nightmare to say the least in europe right now. thousands of flights canceled in the region's busiest ai
the night, recovery crews worked to remove the remaining victims from that west virginia coal mine disaster. a memorial service was held at the state capitol yesterday for 29 victims of last week's explosion. the blast was the worst coal mining disaster in this country since 1970. federal officials arrived yesterday. the mine has racked up a string of safety violations. >>> that tennessee woman who adopted a russian boy and then sent him back isn't talking. the boy was sent back to russia on a plane by himself last week. torry hansen wrote a note claiming the 7-year-old is mentally unstable and violent. hansen says she won't talk unless charges are filed. >> that's the only way we'll get to talk to her it looks like. so i guess we're kind of getting our hand forced here and that's the only thing i know to do at this point. >> but no federal laws have been broken, so it's up to local officials to press charges. there are allegations of abuse, but the boy's back in russia. russian has threatened to suspend all adoptions with the u.s. >>> the acting president in poland is naming replacements f
to the sprawling metro airport in bridgeport, west virginia. population, 8,000. so dre drew took a short flight to show you your money is being well spent and we do mean short flight. >> the shortest flight i've ever been on except for an aborted takeoff, right? >> there you go. >> i shouldn't complain i'm making a living doing the government waste stuff, i wish, kyra, when they're watching this story that i'm about to show you. those of you that pay federal taxes, take out your w-2, look at your statement and now watch this story. this airport near clarksburg, west virginia, boasts quick check-ins, free accessible parking and convenient baggage claim which is not surprising because the planes don't exactly cue up at north central west virginia airport. >> you can park here for free. you can park right next to the terminal. you can park all day and watch and you may not see a single plane. >> and if you did stay all day you'd catch just three commercial departures carrying on average six passengers. but still, the federal government pours money into this airport 30 million to lengthen the runwa
of independents flocking to the polls, who have given victories to republicans in virginia, new jersey and massachusetts. this rasmussen poll released last week showed the majority of americans identify more with the policy and issues that are coming from tea party activists and grass roots activists more so than with the stuff come going the democratic congress. i say absolutely not only are the tea parties having an impact generally but huge impact as far as stupak resigning. they can say it didn't matter, but it did. all signs point to yes. >> greta: it is sort of stunning, slowly coming around to the fact that the tea party movement has an impact. majority leader any hoyer saying -- saying that members of congress would go home and get yelled at, at these town hall meetings, they dismissed the people who are part of tea party movement. now you see the tea party movement is getting big headliners, governor palin, fiorina in california april 15th. now the tea party movement is getting a lot of respect. >> yes, absolutely. i think for a really longtime those who were trying to negate
is now slightly larger than the state of west virginia. in a desperate attempt to keep the oil from washing ashore, coast guard officials say they're considering setting fires to burn off the crude. >>> and now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,991 after tumbling 213 points yesterday. the s&p fell 28 points. the nasdaq lost 51 points. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei dropped 287 points, while in hong kong the hang seng went down 312 points. >>> in today's world, anyone who thinks the problems of a small country halfway around the world can't affect their life needs a reboot. yesterday here in the u.s. and this morning in asia stock markets have been reeling, thanks to the debt problems of greece. stocks plunged on wall street after standard & poor's downgraded greece's debt to junk status and investors worldwide saw their greatest fears, the spread of a european insolvency realized when standard & poor also downgraded portugal's debt two notches from an a plus to an a minus. the results the dow jones
branch coal mine in west virginia today. they're waiting for crews to recover the bodies of nine miners killed in last week's explosi explosion. investigators will focus on the mine company's recent safety violations. the ceo defends his company's record, disputing accusations he puts profits ahead of safety. >>> on capitol hill a bill to extend unemployment benefits for another month cleared a big hurdle in the senate. four republicans joined democrats in a 60-34 vote to begin debate on the measure. if it's approved hundreds of thousands of people who are out of work can continue to get jobless benefits. critics complain it would add another $9 billion to the national debt. >>> wall streeters are celebrating a big milestone this morning. the dow opens nearly nine points higher above 11,000 for the first time in a year and a half. but is it a sial the rough economic times are really over? here's m oliver. >> reporter: investors took the bull by the horns and rode it past the 11,000 point mark monday. after days of flirtation, even hitting then dropping back below the mark on friday, on
were damaged by the falling debris. >>> take a look at this. a fire in norfolk virginia that we told you about on good morning maryland yesterday. crews rescued two people. no reports of injuries. no word on what caused the fire. >>> today the national coalition of latino clergy and christian leaders plan to file a lawsuit in phoenix. other hispanic and civil rights groups are planning lawsuits to be filed today. >>> these days you have to keep your eyes on your children, no doubt, at all times. >> how a father's life changed in an instant after what two crooks decided to do at the atm. >> we need to find out whether or not this is something that looks bad or is bad. >> the police officer who is more concerned about getting zzzz in and why he dozed off. >> i'm up and at the gym before he goes to work. >> this week's brickover challenge. >> temperature-wise this morning, it is a big chill across the state. around 40 degrees. many spots in the 30s. winds are light but it's still going to be a very cool start out there under a very clear sky. sunshine later warming up. wales have all th
is in the hundreds. also, we'll turn to west virginia now where president obama said they lived and died in pursuit of the american dream. he gave the ulg at yesterday's memorial for 29 workers killed april 5th in the coal miner explosion. the ceo of the mining company is holding a news conference right now. we are monitoring that for you. >>> on capitol hill, timing, pretty much everything. senate republicans and democrats have been inching closer to a deal on wall street reform. that compromise is taking a hit today. senate majority leader, harry reid, has scheduled a late afternoon vote to move the bill ahead. but, republicans say they are not ready just yet. so they are threatening to block today's debate so negotiations can continue. florida governor charlie crist, conservatives have turned against him. hits own party has turned away from him. now, he may have to make a decision that could have a huge impact in his swing state and beyond. stay here. -d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d >>> president obama is calling on his supporters to get ready for the midterm elections eigla this year. >> it will be up t
-martial here. his court-martial will be in norfolk, virginia on may 6th. nonetheless, this is a case that has galvanized the military. there's a lot of stuff online and facebook pages and hundreds of thousands of people saying it is very odd this is going on. they don't understand why these troops have been charged with these crimes. >> we can never forget those pictures of seeing our guys brutally murdered and then hanging there on the bridge. i'll never forget that picture on the front page of the new york times and bottom line, whether this guy that was in court saying that he was interrogated and beaten up, we still don't know for sure if he was the one that orchestrated those killings and the hangings of those dead bodies. we're still looking for who did it for sure, correct? >> reporter: absolutely. as you said, this was a turning point in the war here that showed how fierce the insurgency was. you saw those pictures and it shocked the world and it shocked american officials and it started the offense that happened in fallujah in late 2004. it was the turning point that caused that, but
boulevard and virginia looks like a couple of clear spots, just some slowdowns across the potomac river. >>> the fog hangs out there this morning. there is an advisory west of town. 44 degrees in warrenton. today there will be willfog this morning and it will be a touch warmer, low 60's this afternoon. >> we will be right back with local news. >>> d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee is under fire over a mistake that cost over 200 teachers their jobs. there is a growing movement to get them reinstated. >> i am serious. >> this morning, d.c. editors are outrageous after learning that incorrect budget calculations led to the firings of more than 200 teachers. >> you have to be kidding me. >> the school system is running on a surplus but back in october when the 256 were let go, michelle rhee claims there was a $43 million deficit. >>> it is time for you to step up to the plight and fire michelle rey. >> the president of the teachers' union says he will ask the courts to test it -- reinstate those who were let go. >> i don't think any of us know what the numbers really are. >>> councilman
's executives appear before congress. >>> federal investigators are ready to enter the west virginia coal mine but are waiting for crews to recover the bodies of the last nine miners killed in last week's explosion. searchers are nearing the location where the bodies may be. once they are removed, investigators will finally be able to go underground. >>> police in tennessee say they are at a standoff with the woman who sent her adopted russian son back to his homeland because he was violent. torry hansen is refusing to speak to investigators unless she faces charges. they say it will be hard to file charges against her unless she talks to them. russian officials tell abc news the boy is somewhat stressed but has shown no evidence of violence or mental instability. >>> investigators have new clues about the plane crash that killed poland's president and members of the political elite. final communications between the pilot and control tower were released. as the body of poland's president lies in state this morning in warsaw, the country is in mourning. meanwhile, the investigation continues. h
, virginia. two u.s. officials say the suspected pirates are accused of attacking u.s. naval ships near somalia. the east african suspects were held on u.s. ships for weeks while officials tried to figure out how to prosecute them. no comment from the fbi or the justice department. >>> earlier, we talked about the nfl draft making a bunch of millionaires overnight. but the pick everyone is talking about this morning is tim tebow. rafer wiegel explains why. hey, rafer. >> good morning. i'm so proud of you for watching the draft. >> i'm tired. >> i'm so proud of you. >> let's see the stuff again. i loved it. >> some may not only remember tim tebow for his playing, but also for that super bowl ad that caused a lot of trofcontroversy. his pick also caused controversy. >> the denver broncos select tim tebow, quarterback, florida. >> broncos shocked a lot of people when they took him 25th overall. here's why, what's really interesting. he's arguably the best college quarterback ever, but many feel his game is not ready for the nfl. this is a huge gamble. that is how different the two games ar
. the u.s. just indicted 11 suspected pirates in norfolk, virginia, for alleged attacks on u.s. and a half vesselsocity coast of africa. nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski is joining us from the pentagon. jim, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, jeff, these indictments returned against 11 suspected pirates, returned, taken to the united states in norfolk primarily because they didn't know what else to do with them. the u.s. had originally an agreement with the country of kenya to take any suspected pirates and put them through their judicial system. kenya that since said our courts and jails are overloaded right now, so that deal is off. now, it was a few weeks ago that these pirates are accused of attempting to not only hijack cargo ships but opening fire on at least one guided missile frigate, the nicholas, to which they returned fire, sank the pirate skiff and took five of those pirates into skoechltd the indictme -- into custody. they claim they attempted to plunder this heavily guarded warship. nonetheless, the u.s. finds itself in a strange position right now. the
of virginia will be talking about their plans. it could happen this week and that, of course, requires one of those important republican crossovers to get it even to the floor of the senate to reach that will 60 to bring it to the floor. chuck, savannah. >> kelly o'donnell on the hill for us this morning. >> the future financial reform may hinge on this s.e.c. and its fraud suit against goldman sachs. the firm is trying to fight back hoping it doesn't become a political pinata. john harwood joins us. john, obviously the white house believes this goldman decision this s.e.c. decision, gives them a huge talking point to push hard now. how is golden fighting back. >> trying to say they're going to fight these charges that, there were two sides to the transaction. they structured these deals. yes, john paulson, the head fund manager helped them identify the securities that were going to be part of this package but it takes two to tango. you've got to have a buyer as well as a seller. that's what they did. >> i think it's interesting to see how this has already been used to political advantage.
that energy. that's part of what got us these big wins in new jersey and virginia and massachusetts. >> doug, it's interesting. when you talk to tea party leaders about their core beliefs, what they really want, smaller government, more individual responsibility, strong stand on illegal immigration, those are all core republican principles. so why do people feel the need to go to an outside third party path when republicans are supposed to be representing that? >> i can't speak for anybody's motivations. i know that we need them in our party and we need them to show up and knock on doors and make phone calls and raise money and do those things that are necessary for november. i'm really optimistic. because if we were having this conversation one year ago today, we'd be talking about president obama's 68-point job approval rating and how the republican party even survives. one year later we've got three big wins in the scott brown win and bob mcdonald and chris christy. we've got 27 out of 39 special elections throughout the country. we're matching the democrats dollar for dollar. we're in a
of the west virginia coal miners killed last week in the worst u.s. mine disaster since 1970 have been recovered. a spokesperson for the state of west virginia says the last bodies were removed from the upper big branch mine very early this morning. federal investigators are now looking into what caused that blast. >>> police are launching a full investigation after new video surfaced of three police officers in prince george's coun county, maryland beating a student last night. showing them using batons beating the student after a basketball game. the student had been charged with assaulting officers on horseback and their horses. an attorney for the student released the video after charges had been dropped. prosecutors are launching a criminal investigation. so far one officer has been suspended, the other two will be suspended pending identification. >>> the professor accused of killing three of her colleagues in an alabama campus shooting two months ago now faces a new probe in her brother's shooting death. the official inquest began just this morning. it will look into whether amy
to have killed himself. the president and vice president will travel to west virginia this weekend to attend a memorial for 29 miners killed in a coal mine explosion. >>> and florida governor charlry crist says he is considering running for u.s. senate as an independent. this despite pressure from washington to drop out of the race. if he does not think he can win the gop primary against marco rubio. >>> scientists in the uk say a volcanic eruption is strengthening. authorities carving the airspace into three safety zones beginning tomorrow allowing at least some flights to resume. >>> toyota says it will recall all lexus gx 460 suvs to update the stability control software. now let's take you back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." on thursday thousands of anti-tax tea party people came to washington but just who were they exactly? thanks to politico we now know. jonathan martin is the senior political reporter for politico. and msnbc political analyst richard wolffe is the author of "renegade." the new numbers are interesting. here's the tea party demographic. most te
. three people were hurt. >>> the owner of the coal mine that exploded in west virginia insists the air was fine hours before the blast. tests earlier in the day showed no build-up of explosive gases. he said the tests showed adequate air flow inside the mine. the company will give what it calls unprecedented financial compensation to the families of miners killed in the blast. massey says it will pay life insurance benefits, health care, college expenses for the children of the 29 miners who died. >>> a day after the memorial, president obama says the 29 men died in the pursuit of the american dream. he met privately with families before giving a eulogy at the service. he says the nation will honor their memory by improving safety. >>> doctors are trying to pinpoint the source of bret michaels' brain hemorrhage. he's listed in critical condition in the icu. his publicist said the former poison front man is in the unit under 24-hour surveillance. doctors have not located the source of the bleeding. michaels had an emergency appendectomy and has diabetes. it's not known if there is a con
will be transported under heavy security to a virginia courtroom. they face charges of piracy and plundering. they're expected to enter pleas today. one group of men captured after allegedly fires on the "uss nicolas." >>> a texas lawmaker is taking a cue from arizona's tough new immigration law. two texas newspapers reported republican state lawmakers will introduce an arizona-style bill in january. the new law requires police to check suspected illegal immigrants' papers and protests and boycotts across the nation are growing. even celebrities are getting involved. now shah key i -- some lawmaker the feds won't deal with immigration reform for a long time. >> i think it is unconstitutional. and it doesn't represent the best way forward. and, quite frankly, madam secretary, we've got a long way to go, but once we get there, comprehensive reform should come up, will come up, and i believe we can do it by 2012. >> joining me now, conservative talk show host on the radio in philadelphia. here's the thing i don't get about lindsay graham. so he supports some of this energy, climate change movement. h
of the commonwealth of virginia. >> reporter: november 10th, 2009 marks the day they found the closest thing to justice the system could offer. john allen muhammad was put to death, executed by lethal injection. but to a 27-year-old animal control officer in baton rouge, louisiana, by the name of lindbergh williams, november 10th has a different meaning. it's the day williams visits death row with a two hour visitor pass and one goal. to get to know the stranger inside. the killer, who was his father. what was it like seeing him on death row? >> it was weird. we stood there, just looked at each other for about, i want to say a good three minutes, no words said. no anything. i think we both are doing the same thing, like, that's my nose. you have my ears. so, we both checking each other out, looked like -- >> reporter: two strangers. >> two strangers that's looking in a mirror. >> reporter: williams is part of a tiny fraternity of children forever marked bid infamous fathers. one of charles manson's three sons, michael bruener, granted a rare interview to kcbs television a few years ago. >> s
virginia's governor issued a sweeping order today in the wake of last week's explosion that killed 29 miners. governor joe manchin is ordering the immediate inspection of over 200 coal mines to check for combustion risk, telling inspectors to evacuate or close mines with violations. >>> and, next, the meat on american tables. an alarming new report finds dangerous levels of chemicals inspite of u.s. inspections. so, ron claiborne went right to the top to find out what's gone wrong. >> reporter: it's a frightening picture. beef containing pest sides, antibiotics, even heavy metals, making its way into the nation's supermarkets. according to the audit, cattle inspectors were unable to determine if meat has unacceptable levels of to tebl s potentially hazardous sub stances. >> i always assumed that inspections were being done. this report undercuts that confidence. >> reporter: back in 2008, when inspectors found troubling beef, they did nothing. >> the thing that was most alarming is that there was no real effort to recall the failed supply. >> reporter: also startling, the revelation t
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